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The soundtrack to Fleshrot is a companion to the graphic novel. Featuring 13 tracks of music inspired by the book.

Welcome to FleshrotTales.com!

Fleshrot is a graphic novel that was first published in 2001. It was one of the first of its kind; a book entirely dedicated to zombies! 

The first volume featured over thirty artists from all over the world paying homage to the living dead. Speaking of the living dead, even George A. Romeo, the godfather of zombies wrote the foreward!

For those that might be new to Fleshrot, get ready to rip deep into the heart of the living dead, as you bury yourself in rotting flesh and death! 

Stay dead my friends!
Heya boils and ghouls! Misty here. I hope you have your costumes ready for the trick or treatin' season!

FUN FACT! Dressing up as spooks originated from ancient Celtic traditions of townspeople disguising themselves to escape the notice of real spirits. Or they just were really into cosplay!